Buy Tires on Sale for New Haven: But Not Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Shop Tires on Sale in New Haven: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale in New Haven: choose from more than 90,000 options


Driving and buying tires in New Haven

Whether you’re a resident of beautiful New Haven, a student or proud parent at Yale, or a visitor to the city, you’ll need to know everything there is about driving around this compact and historic place. This guide for motorists in New Haven, CT, from the automotive experts at United Tires, covers everything from traffic laws to major highways and even scenic drives. We also include what tires you need to drive in New Haven and when to carry out a seasonal tire changeover.
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New Haven tire shops and key auto facilities

The Shore Line Trolley Museum
The Shore Line Trolley Museum
17 River St, East Haven, CT 06512
17 River St, East Haven, CT 06512
Costco Tire Center
1718 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460
1718 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460
Walmart Auto Care Center
515 Saw Mill Rd, West Haven, CT 065169
515 Saw Mill Rd, West Haven, CT 06516


Did You know

New Haven is a “haven” for street food fanatics!

New Haven is home to over 100 food trucks and carts featuring cuisine from all around the world! If you’re feeling hungry you can go on a food truck trail, visiting the four most popular street food hangouts in the city. You’ll take in Downtown New Haven before heading over to the Sachem District, then over to Cedar District, before finally heading to Long Wharf, Food Truck Paradise. The entire loop is just over 5 miles but the final stop is best enjoyed by car as it’s located off the I-95.


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Automotive New Haven at a glance

Automotive New Haven at a glance
Automotive New Haven at a glance
New Haven is an interesting city, mixing the old and new, and is home to the famous Yale University. The city has recently undergone a period of urban regeneration and has a wide range of cultural highlights to entertain visitors and residents alike.

City layout

New Haven, CT, was founded in the 1600s by the Puritans and they laid the city center out in a nine-square grid pattern, around a central green area ‘New Haven Green’. This makes New Haven the first planned city in the US. The downtown area is the main commercial district and has a lot more residential accommodation than most cities.
However, these streets were not designed for cars, making driving in the downtown area somewhat congested and difficult. Fortunately, it is a very walkable city so parking downtown and walking is often the best way to deal with the city center.
South of the downtown area and the Green you’ll find the river and the Long Wharf neighborhood, while Yale University is to the north of the Green.

Car manufacturing

New Haven has to have one of the shortest-lived car-making endeavors in the history of the US. From 1907 to 1908 the University Automobile Company made a 4-cylinder car called the Continental, with no relation to any other cars of the same name.

Road events

While New Haven isn’t a hotspot for the car industry they do have the extremely popular New Haven Grand Prix, a cycling event with great street food and bicycle races, all after dark. If you happen to be in New Haven in September be sure to check out the New Haven Grand Prix

Driving in New Haven

As New Haven, CT is such an old city, the downtown area was built long before the advent of the automobile. Streets are generally not as wide as those in more modern cities and visibility around corners can be less than ideal.
This combined with locals’ penchant for speeding around corners with just a quick glance can make driving in the downtown area a little hairy. People also seem to have a second sense when it comes to changing traffic lights and will already be moving as the light changes to green.
All these urban drivers need to remember to make sure their tires are in good condition, especially when taking the downtown corners at speed. Tires with good tread depth will have better traction while cornering in tight streets. For all the city drivers, the United Tires website offers the option to search for the right tires, by car make and model. The site also includes both used tires and new tires for all kinds of vehicles including SUV tires and pickup truck tires, at up to 50% discounted prices, and free shipping in the trusted hands of FedEx.


Choosing the right tires for driving in New Haven


Where to buy new tires in New Haven

There are many places to buy new tires in New Haven, CT, including the major brand names of Costco Tire Center and Walmart Auto Care Center, but at United Tires, you're guaranteed to find the best selection and quality tires online. With a selection of over 5,000 new tires, you’ll find all the major brands to suit all types of vehicles. The team of experts will help you find the perfect tire for your car. Plus, the prices are unbeatable and tires are sent out with free FedEx shipping.

Costco Tire Center

  • 1718 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460
  • Walmart Auto Care Center

    • 515 Saw Mill Rd, West Haven, Connecticut
    • 1365 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460
    • 315 Foxon Blvd, New Haven


    Where to buy used tires in New Haven?

    Used tires offer great value for money and allow you to buy better tires than you might otherwise be able to afford. When looking for a used tires shop, New Haven there are several options that will have a limited stock, however, if you are looking for a wide selection of quality assured used tires, United Tires is the best place to look for discount tires near me. At United Tires you’ll find:
    • More than 50,000 used tires, and great value, driven once tires with up to 99% tread left
    • All used tires go through a comprehensive 2-stage inspection process to ensure they are safe to drive and have plenty of tread remaining
    • All tires come with a 1-year returns policy warranty
    • Free shipping with FedEx is included with all tires. Submit your order before 12 p.m., and it will be shipped on the same business day
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    For advice on choosing the best tires for you, or any other questions, call our team toll-free at 1-888-566-6214, or contact us online


    What tires do you need for New Haven weather?

    What tires do you need for New Haven weather?
    What tires do you need for New Haven weather?
    New Haven has a temperate climate with hot humid summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall. In summer temperatures in New Haven can rise to over 90 ºF, while winter temperatures can dip to below 5 ºF and roads can be snowy and icy. Rain and snowfall is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year, with an average of 42 inches of rain and snow combined
    Some drivers in New Haven choose to use all-season tires year-round, although if you choose to do this ensure they are M+S rated (mud and snow) to make sure they can cope with the snowy roads. These are also only recommended for drivers who stay on well-maintained roads and don’t frequently drive into the heart of Connecticut or other inland New England states where the roads can be more hazardous than along the coast.
    As winters can be cold and roads can be very icy around New Haven many drivers opt to use specialist winter tires from December to March, as they offer superior traction and grip on icy and snowy roads, making them by far the safer choice.
    Drivers who use winter tires can either opt to change into all-season tires or summer tires for the warmer months, as winter tires will wear down quickly once temperatures are regularly above 45 ºF.
    When looking for the best selection of new and used tires to suit all weathers and vehicles, shop online on our website You will get a choice of more than 60,000 quality tires at affordable prices, all with free FedEx shipping.


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    Best-selling tire brands in New Haven*

    *Source: sales department, 2021
    Shop used tires by brand on our website and get the best tire deals daily!


    The most popular tire sizes in New Haven*

    *Source: sales department, 2021





    Drivers’ New Haven guide: practical information
    Drivers’ New Haven guide: practical information

    Learn everything you need to know about driving in New Haven, with the United Tires motoring guide to the city. From traffic reports and parking tips to seasonal tire changeovers, this guide has it all.

    Live traffic report

    Traffic in New Haven can be unpredictable, especially around the I-95 at rush hour and during holidays, so it’s good to check in with live traffic reports before heading out onto the roads.

    Seasonal tire changeover

    All-season tires

    While some drivers in New Haven opt to drive on an all-season tire and not carry out a seasonal tire change, this is generally not recommended as New Haven and its surroundings can experience extreme winter weather with heavy snow. If you do choose to use all-season tires ensure they are M+S rated, which means their tread pattern and depth are designed to cope with moderate mud and snow.

    Summer tires

    Summer tires are great for gripping the road in warm and hot weather, and on wet and dry roads. They are a good choice for summers in New Haven, especially if you drive a performance car and have a sporty driving style. But these tires do not cope well with temperatures under 45 ºF, as they become hard and will skid very easily on icy or snowy roads, making them very dangerous!
    With the New Haven climate, it’s important to take off your summer tires from around November to March when temperatures are mostly below 45 ºF.

    Winter tires

    Winter tires are the safest choice for winters in New Haven where temperatures are frequently below 45 ºF, and often much lower. Roads are often icy or snowy and winter tires of some sort will deal best with this type of weather.
    Ideally, most drivers should have winter tires on their vehicle between November and March, although the exact dates will depend on the weather patterns that year and whether you regularly drive inland where the cold weather can come earlier.

    Driving Laws

    Here are five driving laws to be aware of, when you’re driving around New Haven:
    1. Pedestrians Drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
    2. Dooring: It’s illegal to open your car door onto a bicycle lane so that it blocks cyclists.
    3. Red lights: You cannot make a left turn at a red light and can only make a right turn at red lights when there is no sign indicating otherwise.
    4. Stop signs: You must come to a complete stop at all stop signs and yield the right of way to cross traffic before proceeding.
    5. Cell phone use All cell phone use, including hands-free devices, is banned while driving. If you must use your phone, pull over to a safe location first.

    Unspoken Road Rules

    New Haven is a historic town and the streets in the center were built before the advent of the car so many of them are narrow and don’t have good visibility. Combined with many local drivers' penchant for speeding this can lead to some tricky situations even in the city center.
    Things to be aware of are drivers racing through lights the moment they turn green (or even beforehand), drivers going too fast and not paying attention to other vehicles, and even tractor-trailers in the downtown area blocking traffic.

    Parking rules

    Parking in New Haven can be tricky and expensive, even for students at Yale. Here are some tips for parking in the city:
    1. Always check the signs and time limits for parking as parking enforcement is very efficient and happy to ticket you.
    2. New Haven has many residential areas where you need a permit to park so check before parking.
    3. To find out if your car was towed you can visit the Citizen Connect website
    4. Yale students and faculty can buy parking permits for Yale-owned lots.
    5. Monthly parking permits are available for many of the city’s lots.
    6. You can park free in any of Yale's lots after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
    The Parking New Haven website has details of all parking lots and on-street parking across the city.
    The It’s Your Yale website has details of campus parking lots.

    Window tint laws

    If you want to apply a window tint to your car in New Haven, it's important to know the city and state's laws and regulations around this issue.
    Vehicles are allowed to have a tint that is up to 35% light transmittance on the top of the windshield and the front side windows. As long as you have rearview mirrors on both sides of the vehicle there are no regulations regarding how dark the tint can be on your rear window and rear side windows.
    It’s important to note that all aftermarket tints must have a compliance sticker from the DMV and there are medical exemptions allowing tints with up to 20% light transmittance.
    You can find all the information about the window tinting regulations on Connecticut’s official state website. Want to know more? Learn about the hot trends and the latest news of the tinting industry.

    Roads and highways

    New Haven has a well-developed road network including two interstate highways and several US and Connecticut route highways that go through the city of New Haven.

    Major highways:

    • I-95: This highway runs west to east and is called the Connecticut Turnpike and the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike through the city. It goes to New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.
    • I-91: This interstate runs north to south, starting at the intersection of the I-95 in the Long Wharf district of New Haven. It heads north from here thorough Hartford, before passing through Massachusetts and Vermont and ending at the Canadian border.
    • US 1: This US route goes along much of the Eastern Seaboard, following the coast from New Haven north to Maine and south all the way to Florida. In New Haven, it runs along Columbus Avenue, Union Avenue, Water Street, and Forbes Avenue.
    • Connecticut Route 15: Also known as the Wilbur Cross Parkway this route offers a good alternative to the I-95 and I-91 through New Haven, especially for non-commercial traffic.
    • Connecticut Route 34: Known as the Oak Street Connector in New Haven this route goes from just south of the I-95/I-91 to Newtown, in the north of the state.

    City roads:

    Here are some useful streets to know in downtown New Haven:
    • Chapel Street and Broadway: The main downtown shopping streets.
    • George Street: The very first road in New Haven.
    • Hillhouse Avenue: Supposedly called the most beautiful street in America" by Charles Dickens AND Mark Twain.
    • Elm Street Historic District: An area with a lot of historic buildings.
    • River Street Historic District: A district with historically significant industrial buildings.

    Scenic routes

    New Haven is on the beautiful Long Island Sound, making for lots of beautiful coastal drives. And fall foliage drives in the area are not to be missed!

    Route 1 to Mystic

    Route 1 is a coastal road that runs through some of the most beautiful towns in Connecticut. Start your drive in New Haven and head northeast towards Mystic. Along the way, you'll pass by quaint towns, beaches, and lighthouses. Be sure to stop at Mystic Seaport for a glimpse into the state's maritime history.

    Merritt Parkway to Greenwich

    The Merritt Parkway (Route 15) is a lovely tree-lined road that runs through the center of Connecticut. This drive is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing color. Start your journey in New Haven and head south towards Greenwich.

    Interstate 95 coastal drive

    Interstate 95 runs along the coast of Connecticut and you will get stunning views of downtown New Haven and Long Island Sound from this highway. Take exit 42 for a scenic overview of New Haven harbor.


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    Best tires for New Haven

    Best tires for New Haven
    Best tires for New Haven
    With its changeable weather conditions, one thing that all tires in New Haven should be is safe! They should be in good condition, have plenty of tread left, and be at the correct pressure. It’s especially important to check your tire pressure when the weather changes as alterations in temperature can affect your tire pressure, with cold weather making it drop.
    Drivers in New Haven generally prefer safe and reliable sedans or SUVs so high-quality SUV tires or car tires are in high demand in this city. While pickup trucks aren’t so popular in the city, once you get out into the countryside around New Haven you’ll see a lot more of them, and their drivers will be more likely to need winter tires, when the weather turns cold, as well as standard light truck tires. You’ll also see a few tractors outside the city and their owners will need to ensure they have the right tractor tires for their specific vehicle.
    Regarding season-specific tires, with the distinct four seasons in this city, New Haven drivers will often have two sets of tires including winter tires, summer tires, and all-season M+S tires.
    If you’re not sure what tires to get for your vehicle, let United Tires sales reps help you. Call them on 1-888-566-6214 toll-free, or use the Live Chat feature.
    At you’ll find tires at up to 50% off, all with free FedEx shipping, so you can afford to buy more than one set of tires for your car.
    All our used tires and driven once tires are quality-checked using our special 3-stage inspection process, including a final check right before we ship them to you. You’ll also find a great selection of new tires at the best prices online (if you find it cheaper we’ll match the price).


    Buy tires in New Haven with up to 50% discount!

    For the best tires, New Haven, visit the United Tires online used tire shop where you’ll find prices at up to 50% off. With over 60,000 tires to choose from you can search using many different criteria, including tire size, tire brand, rim size, and car model.
    To ensure you always get the best prices our tire experts use special software to analyze the market daily, to make sure our prices are always the best. This means you can afford to buy two sets of tires instead of one, or choose higher quality tires than you would be able to afford elsewhere.
    All our tires are delivered by FedEx with free shipping, giving you a hassle-free shopping experience.
    Other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
    Tread Depth
    Average Price
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Other tire websites
    Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
    Set of 4 used tires
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    Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
    For any questions about tires or our policies contact us today. We're always happy to help!




    Where to buy tires in New Haven?

    At United Tires, you can find a large selection of new and used tires for your car. We have the best prices and the largest selection of tires online. All of our tires are inspected mechanically and by hand to make sure they meet our high-quality standards.
    We have over 60,000 tires to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect tires for your car. Plus, we offer free shipping on all of our tires. Thanks to all of these great features, United Tires is the best place to buy tires in New Haven.
    Contact us today if you have any questions about your purchase or need help finding the right tires for your car.

    What tires are best for New Haven?

    There are three types of tires that are best for New Haven – all-season tires, summer tires, and winter tires.
    All-season M+S tires are a good option for drivers in New Haven because they can be used most of the year, and even in winter if drivers don’t go far from the coast and stay on well-maintained roads in the winter months. Summer tires are a good choice for drivers who want great performance in the summer months, while winter tires are the best choice for the winter months when the roads can be hazardous with ice and snow.

    Do I need winter tires in New Haven?

    Yes, you should strongly consider using winter tires in New Haven. While it doesn't snow as much as in some other parts of the state, the weather here can still be quite treacherous during the winter months. Winter tires provide better traction and braking ability in slippery conditions and can help to keep you safe on the roads.


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