Buy Tires on Sale in Jackson: But Not Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Shop Tires on Sale in Jackson: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale in Jackson: choose from more than 90,000 options


Driving and buying tires in Jackson

Jackson, Mississippi, often referred to as the City with Soul, may be the state capital but still has a small city feel. You’ll love driving about as traffic is rarely a problem and there are lots of green spaces within the city limits. With this guide from the motoring and tire experts at United Tires, you’ll learn all the top tips for driving in this southern city. From driving rules to major highways, and parking tips to the best tires for the city, it has it all.
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Jackson tire shops and key auto facilities

Walmart Auto Care Center
2711 Greenway Dr, Jackson, MS 39204
2711 Greenway Dr, Jackson, MS 39204
Jackson Motor Speedway
Jackson Motor Speedway
5448 Old Byram Rd, Byram, MS 39272
5448 Old Byram Rd, Byram, MS 39272
Continental Tire Factory
Continental Tire Factory
3000 Continental Pkwy, Clinton, MS 39056
3000 Continental Pkwy, Clinton, MS 39056
Nissan North America Factory
Nissan North America Factory
300 Nissan Dr, Canton, MS 39046
300 Nissan Dr, Canton, MS 39046


Did You know

Did you know that?..


You can still enjoy drive-in movies in Jackson

While drive-in movies might be fading into the past, every summer in the City with Soul, the Department of Parks and Recreation organizes a drive-in “Movies in the Park” event, where, summer-long they show movies on a giant Jumbo-Tron screen, at a variety of locations around the city. So if you happen to be around in July and August don’t miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own car!


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Automotive Jackson at a glance

Automotive Jackson at a glance
Automotive Jackson at a glance
While Jackson may be the state capital, it’s very easy to drive around the city, where you’ll rarely experience any major delays or traffic jams. And with a great network of highways running through the center you can even make it from the north of the city to the south in 15 minutes if you avoid rush hour.

An auto manufacturing hub

The state of Mississippi is home to several car and tire makers, with several of them located around Jackson:
  1. Nissan has a major North American manufacturing facility just north of the city. They employ around 5,000 people to make several models of cars and pickup trucks including the Altima, Frontier, Titan, and Titan XD.
  2. Continental Tires Continental Tires has a major factory just west of the city, where they make bus and large truck tires. The factory is relatively new and plans to scale up production in the coming years.
If you want to buy some Continental tires for your vehicle, we have several thousand in stock on our website at any time, including a mix of high-quality used tires and new tires. We price check all the stock on our site daily, to ensure you always get the best prices for tires online.


Choosing the right tires for driving in Jackson


Where to buy new tires in Jackson?

When you’re looking for a tire shop, Jackson, MS there are many options to choose from. You’ll find new tires in stock at a selection of local dealers as well as the big-name Walmart Auto Care Centers, which are dotted around the metropolitan area. But for the best selection of discount tires near your location, visit our new tires shop online where you’ll get great prices and choices, all with free shipping to your home or business in the City with Soul.

Walmart Auto Care Centers

  • 2711 Greenway Dr, Jackson, MS 39204
  • 5520 Highway 80 E, Pearl, MS 39208
  • 950 US-80 E, Clinton, MS 39056
  • 131 Handley Blvd, Byram, MS 39272
  • 127 Grandview Blvd, Madison, MS 39110
  • 244 Feather Ln, Canton, MS 39046


Where to buy used tires in Jackson?

When you’re on the hunt for cheap used tires, Jackson there are a few options. Local stores will have a limited stock for you to choose from, but if you want a full range of top-quality used tires be sure to check out our website.
Our quality-assurance process is very thorough, so you can feel secure knowing that any used tires you buy from us will have been completely checked for any defects or excessive wear and tear by our team of professionals. We also offer:
  • A 1-year return policy
  • Free delivery on all tires with FedEx
  • A massive selection of 50,000+ used tires
  • Savings of up to 50%
And if you’re looking for advice on choosing the right tires look no further than our website - or contact our friendly team who can advise you on selecting your next set of tires. You can speak to them by phone toll-free: 1-888-566-6214 alternatively there are options to contact our team online.


What tires do you need for Jackson weather?

What tires do you need for Jackson weather?
What tires do you need for Jackson weather?
If you're looking for moderate weather this is the place for you. The city enjoys a fairly mild climate, with average high temperatures ranging from the mid-60s in winter to the low 90s in summer. However, the humidity can make it feel much hotter during the summer months and it does see a lot of thunderstorms. Rain is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, but the city does tend to see more rain during the spring and fall months. Winters are cool but snow is a rare sight, although not unheard of.
This all makes choosing tires quite straightforward, as the temperatures rarely drop low enough for you to need specialist cold weather tires. Most people in the City with Soul opt for all-season tires either for their car or pickup truck, as these tires deal very well with both dry and wet roads, and can even handle light snow, which is all you should expect in the city.
Motorists who enjoy leaving the paved roads of the city and venturing off into the countryside might choose to put an all-terrain tire or specialist off-road tire on their vehicle, to allow them to enjoy the mud and rocks to the fullest!


Best-selling tire brands in Jackson*

*Source: sales department, 2022


The most popular tire sizes in Jackson*

*Source: sales department, 2022


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Drivers’ Jackson guide: practical information
Drivers’ Jackson guide: practical information
Getting around the City with Soul by car is usually a pleasant affair, but it’s still important to understand the local rules of the road and where to check for traffic updates. We have all this and more in our practical drivers’ guide!

Live traffic report

Unless there’s a severe weather event or construction you shouldn’t need to check these traffic reports too often. But it’s always useful to have them to hand:
Mississippi Department of Transport’s official website also has a traffic app that you can download.

Seasonal tire changeover

Drivers in Jackson are lucky to live in a city where you don’t have to change your tires when winter comes. Driving on a set of all-season tires, year-round is not only possible but it’s a great idea. These tires are hardwearing and affordable, giving you a safe ride in wet and dry conditions. They are even able to cope with the very occasional light snowfall that the city sees, some years.
Sportier drivers might prefer to use summer tires, as they offer superior performance in warm and hot weather, helping your car handle well at higher speeds. They are especially suitable for performance vehicles and sports cars. Again, these tires can be used year-round in the city. However, as they do not perform as well at temperatures below 45 °F, caution should be taken when driving on them at night in December, January, and February, when temperatures can drop below 45 °F.

Driving Laws

We all need to stay safe on the roads and here are five rules that you’ll need to remember when driving in Jackson:
  1. Roundabouts are a relatively new thing in Jackson but learning how to navigate them safely and effectively is important. The Mississippi Department of Transport Drive Smart official website has information on how to navigate them.
  2. Flashing yellow arrows on traffic signals indicate you are permitted to turn left at specific intersections but must yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.
  3. J-Turns for crossing busy, multi-lane highways, allow vehicles on side roads who either want to turn left onto the highway, or go straight over, to do so safely. First, you turn right, then pull onto a u-turn lane on your left, before u-turning and continuing on your way.
  4. Turn down high beams if you are within 500 feet of another vehicle to avoid glaring light in another driver’s eyes.
  5. Cell phone usage in cars is not strictly against the law, but if it in any way distracts you from driving you can be cited for reckless or careless driving.

Parking rules

Parking in Jackson is generally pretty easy, but it’s important to stick to local rules and regulations:
  1. One-way streets: You must park with your left-hand wheels within 12 inches of the curb on one-way streets, as long as there isn’t a no-parking sign.
  2. Don’t obstruct traffic: When parking on a street or alley there must be at least 10 feet of the width of the street free for other vehicles to get by.
  3. Selling, advertising, and washing: No parking on roads is allowed for the purpose of selling a vehicle, advertising on a vehicle, or washing a vehicle.
  4. Loading zones: No parking is allowed in loading zones. Stopping is only allowed there to unload, or load passengers or goods, for a maximum of three minutes.
  5. Bus and taxi stands: No parking is allowed in bus or taxi stands. Only busses or taxis are allowed to stop at their specific stands.
Full parking regulations can be found on the Jackson, MS Municipal Codes official website.

Window tint laws

The weather in Jackson can get quite hot, so window tinting is popular to cool down the interior of vehicles and save on air conditioning costs. But you must stick to the regulations regarding tinting in the city:


  • Front Windshield: Above the AS-1 line, any darkness of non-reflective tint can be applied.
  • All other windows: For other windows, tints must have at least a VTL of 28%.

SUVs and vans

  • Front Windshield: Above the AS-1 line, any darkness tint can be applied, as long as it’s non-reflective.
  • Front windows: Tints must have a VTL of at least 28%.
  • All other windows: Any darkness of tint can be applied.
Learn more about vehicle window tinting including the latest trends, the best types of tints, get valuable pro tips, and much more!

Roads and highways

Jackson has several major highways running through and around the city, as befits a state capital.

Interstate highways

  • I-55 goes north-south through Jackson, passing by La Fleur's Bluff State Park and skirting to the east of the downtown area. This highway connects the city to Chicago, Illinois, Memphis, Tennessee, and LaPlace, Louisiana.
  • I-20 goes east-west through Jackson and runs along with the I-55 for a short way, just south of downtown. This highway provides access to Forth Worth, Texas, and Augusta, Georgia.
  • I-220 loops around Jackson to the north and west providing access to the Jackson Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This highway intersects with the I-55 to the north of the city and the I-55 to the west.

US route highways

  • US 49 runs north-south joining the I-20 just south of Jackson, before merging with the I-55. To the north this highway runs off to Arkansas and to the south it heads for the coast, ending at Gulfport, MS.
  • US 51 also runs north-south through Jackson passing through the downtown area. To the north of the city, the highway continues heading north all the way to the Wisconsin/Michigan state line. In the other direction it intersects with I-55 just south of downtown and continues to follow this Interstate all the way to LaPlace, Louisiana.
  • US 80 goes east-west through the south of Jackson, running roughly parallel to the I-20 through the city limits. This highway provides access to Dallas, Texas to the west and all the way to Savannah, Georgia to the east.
These highways provide connectivity not only within Mississippi but also to neighboring states, making Jackson a convenient hub for travel in the southeastern United States.


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Best tires for Jackson

Best tires for Jackson
Best tires for Jackson
Most people agree that the best tires for the City with Soul are all-season tires because they offer year-round traction and stability in hot weather, heavy rain, and even small amounts of snow and ice. They have a longer tread life and tend to wear more slowly than summer or winter tires, so they can save you money because you won't have to replace them as often.
You’ll find one of the best selections of all-season tires on our website, with premium-quality used options so you can save even more. With such a huge range of tires, you have multiple options for searching for the right ones for your vehicle including searching by vehicle make and model, tire brand, rim size, and type of driving you do.
If you require more assistance in picking the right option for you, Live chat with our friendly team, toll-free, at 1-888-566-6214, or send them a message online.


Buy tires in Jackson and save up to 50%!

When you shop for tires with us you can save up to 50% across a vast selection (60,000 and rising) of new and used tires. And with our price match guarantee, if you find a tire cheaper elsewhere we’ll match the price. That’s unlikely to happen as our tire specialists use software to check the rest of the market on a daily basis, to keep our prices low.
For the ultimate savings on almost new tires, try our driven once selection, where you’ll find thousands of tires that have barely been used. They will give you the perfect balance between saving money and getting very high-quality tires.
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Other tire websites
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Tread Depth
Average Price
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Other tire websites
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
There are always great deals to be had in our online used tire shop. Whether you’re looking for tires for your new passenger car or decade-old pick-up truck we have sizes and prices to suit! Shop at for used tires in Jackson




Where to buy tires in Jackson?

The best tires, Jackson, MS can be found on the United Tires outlet online. You’ll discover one of the largest selections of tires on the internet, with a vast selection of used and new tires for vehicles of all types. Prices are checked daily to make sure you always get the best deal. You’ll also get fast, free shipping, and all tires are sent out by FedEx on the same day if you order by 1 p.m. on business days, so you’ll have your tires in no time.

What tires are best for Jackson?

All-season tires are a great choice for drivers in the City with Soul. They provide good traction in all kinds of weather, including rain and light snow (with M&S markings). And, they're designed to last long, so you won't have to replace them as often as more specialist tires. If you're looking for all-season tires that will perform well in all kinds of conditions, our customers' favorites include Goodyear all-season tires and Bridgestone all-season tires.

Do I need winter tires in Jackson?

Winter tires are not really necessary, which is fortunate for drivers in Jackson, MS. The winters here are relatively mild, and the roads are well-kept. That said, if you're planning on doing a lot of driving out of state, in rural areas, or on back roads, then winter tires may give you a bit of extra traction. But for most people, they're not worth the expense. So, if you're wondering whether or not you need winter tires in Jackson, the answer is almost certainly no.


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