Buy Tires on Sale in Delaware: But Not Until You’ve Read This Guide!

Shop Tires on Sale in Delaware: choose from more than 90,000 options
Shop Tires on Sale in Delaware: choose from more than 90,000 options

Driving and buying tires in Delaware

Delaware has everything you need for an incredible road trip in the countryside: beautiful beaches, charming traditional villages, and historic towns. Its largest city, Wilmington, is the perfect combination of scenic routes and ancient riches. So, grab some snacks and drinks, and head out on DE's highways for a fun and relaxing drive. Continue reading to learn about the state’s driving laws, used tire shops, tires on sale, and much, much more.
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Delaware tire shops and key auto facilities

Costco tire shop in Newark
900 Center Blvd S
900 Center Blvd S
Walmart tire shop in New Castle
117 Wilton Blvd
117 Wilton Blvd
Walmart tire shop in Camden
263 Walmart Dr
263 Walmart Dr
Walmart tire shop in Seaford
22899 Sussex Hwy
22899 Sussex Hwy
Walmart tire shop in Milford
939 N Dupont Blvd
939 N Dupont Blvd
Marshall Steam Museum & Friends of Auburn Heights
Marshall Steam Museum & Friends of Auburn Heights
3000 Creek Rd, Yorklyn, DE 19736
3000 Creek Rd, Yorklyn, DE 19736
Marvel Carriage Museum
Marvel Carriage Museum
510 S Bedford St, Georgetown, DE 19947
510 S Bedford St, Georgetown, DE 19947
Dover Motor Speedway
Dover Motor Speedway
1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901
1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901


Did You know

Did you know that…


A Delawarean invented the first amphibious vehicle in America

In 1807, Oliver Evans created the Orukter Amphibolos ("Amphibious Digger"), America's first amphibious vehicle (a vehicle that can travel on land, water, or both) and automobile. The machine had been ordered by the Philadelphia Board of Health, the state where Evans was commercially rooted.


Key cities of Delaware

Wilmington Dover Newark Middletown Bear Glasgow Brookside Hockessin


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Automotive Delaware at a glance

Automotive Delaware at a glance
Automotive Delaware at a glance
Delaware is organized into three counties: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. This East Coast state is famous for its beaches, such as Rehoboth, Bethany, and Dewey. Also, maybe you have heard of Wilmington, a city that is more popular than the DE capital, Dover.
This state was once home to assembly plants for General Motors and Chrysler, making the auto industry the state’s second-biggest private employer. Unfortunately, both plants were forced to close due to bankruptcy.

General Motors’ Wilmington assembly plant

In 1947, General Motors opened the Wilmington Assembly Plant. Every day, approximately 1,200 cars were assembled, including Chevrolet's Chevette, Beretta, Pontiac Tempest, and Saturn Sky. The last car built was a silver Pontiac Solstice on July 28, 2009, on which workers signed their names as a farewell gesture. Months later, Fisker Automotive announced plans to move to the old spot, but they never produced a car at the plant. Amazon opened a fulfillment center there in 2021, but it closed in February 2022, and the building was purchased by an Australian firm.

Chrysler’s assembly plant in Newark

Chrysler, on the other hand, opened its plant in 1951 to produce tanks for the US Army. Six years later, the plant was converted to produce Plymouth and Dodge cars such as the LH Series, AA bodies, and Dart. The plant was prepared to produce the Dodge Durango in 1997; however, in 2008, a sudden increase in fuel prices, combined with a sharp and sudden economic recession and stock drop, slashed demand for the Durango and Aspen, and the plant was closed. The property was purchased by the University of Delaware and is now used as an extension of their campus.
Although no new cars are being assembled in this state, you can still find tires for any of the brands mentioned. Look into our inventory and shop tires for Chevrolet Chevette, Pontiac Tempest, Dodge Durango, and so on. Buy it from the comfort of your own home and get free FedEx shipping!

Joe Biden, a “car guy” president

Joe Biden represented Delaware in the US Senate for more than 30 years. While General Motors and Chrysler plants were operating, Biden was a supporter of the companies and opposed legislation that would have increased federal fuel efficiency rules. In 2007, when both plants were in decline, he helped pass legislation that increased fuel economy targets. Now, the president is encouraging an eco-friendly auto industry, which is in line with the Electric Vehicle Rebate Program of the DE Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.
However, Biden’s favorite car is a Goodwood-green Corvette Stingray, a vehicle that requires 14 miles per gallon, which goes against the eco-friendly objectives. But even so, there is hope for a future electric vehicle of this type. Is that your favorite car as well? Check out our Chevrolet Corvette tire collection and find good deals on tires in Delaware.

NASCAR Cup Series races

Since 1959, Delaware has hosted NASCAR races at the Dover Motor Speedway, aka “The Monster Mile”. Denis McGlynn, CEO of Dover Motorsports Inc., coined that nickname in the mid-1970s because of the track’s toughness on drivers and equipment. Trophies, tickets, and memorabilia feature the "monster" mascot.
If you are a racing fan, you must go there to see the 1-mile concrete oval, with a 24° camber in the turns and a 9° camber on the straightaways. Have you checked your tires for a trip like this? If not, do it now. Perhaps we have your next set of tires in stock.


Choosing the right tires for driving in Delaware


Where to buy new tires in Delaware?

There are multiple new tire shops located all across Delaware. The most popular mega-malls are Cotsco and Walmart. However, if you want to buy tires online, will help you find new tires and get them delivered super quickly right to the doorstep of your Delaware home or office. Submit your order before 12 p.m. and it will be shipped on the same business day. Always free of charge, by FedEx!

Costco Tire Center

  • 900 Center Blvd S, Newark, DE 19702

Walmart Supercenter

  • 36 Jerome Dr, Dover, DE 19901
  • 705 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown, DE 19709
  • 4 College Park Dr, Georgetown, DE 19947
  • 263 Walmart Dr, Camden, DE 19934
  • 939 N Dupont Blvd, Milford, DE 19963


Where to buy used tires in Delaware?

It’s not always necessary to buy new tires. Actually, used tires are a great option for your vehicle. Here, at the United Tires website, you can customize your search by tire size, model, brand, rim, car make, and other characteristics. Each of our used tires undergoes a meticulous 2-stage inspection: visual and automatic.
Our used tires have 60-99% of tread left, and a lot of them have only been driven once. It means you buy new tires that were only tried on but never used, and significantly save your budget. Shopping for the used tires in Delaware, you can save up to 50% in comparison to the new ones, when you order them at If you need any assistance or a professional advice, contact our 24/7 customer service team!


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What tires do you need for Delaware weather?

What tires do you need for Delaware weather?
What tires do you need for Delaware weather?

All-season tires

The climate in Delaware is humid and temperate. On a daily basis, the temperature in northern DE reaches 54 °F, rising to 86 °F in summer and dropping to 23 °F in winter. Temperatures in southern Delaware are typically two degrees higher. August is the wettest month in the state, and February is the driest. Considering all the temperature possibilities, all-season tires are the best choice for driving along Delaware for almost the entire year because they have tread patterns or grooves that keep the tire in contact with the road when things like rain, mud, and light snow start to get in the way. As a result, these tires have a longer tread life than summer tires with shallower tread depths.

Summer season tires

When the weather in Delaware warms up to over 80 °F, long trips along the beach are a good idea. Summer tires are perfect for these journeys because they provide more grip, steering, braking, and cornering capabilities. Their patterns have less grooving and more rubber in contact with the road, resulting in greater flexibility and better traction and grip. Their shallower tread depths provide greater stability when pushed to their limits.

Winter season tires

Winters in Delaware are cold, snowy, and windy. January is the coldest month, with an average low of 21°F and high of 35°F. If you intend to drive every day this month, we recommend switching to winter tires, which have a unique tread pattern that improves traction on snowy, wet, and icy roads. The rotation of the wheel forces the snow into the wider grooves, increasing traction. The tread also has sipes, which are tiny little slots that allow the tread blocks to flex and dig deeper into the snow or ice.


Best-selling tire brands in Delaware

*Source: sales department, 2022


The most popular tire sizes in Delaware

*Source: sales department, 2022


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Drivers’ Delaware guide: practical information
Drivers’ Delaware guide: practical information
Whether you're driving to the beach, driving to work, or taking a weekend trip with your family and friends, it's important to be aware of local driving laws, tint regulations, unspoken road rules, and everything else you need for a safe drive. That's why we've created this special guide for drivers like you. Enjoy!

Live traffic report

Delaware traffic gets worse in the summer. Drivers should expect delays of up to 20 minutes because of the large number of people visiting DE's beaches. The road connecting Milford and Dover is one of the most congested, and the traffic is even worse on weekends. To avoid congestion, you can travel during off-peak times (before 3 p.m.) and take a look at these travel advisories:

Seasonal tire changeover

Although Delaware doesn’t have the highest or lowest temperatures in the US, its climate requires seasonal tire changeover to ensure optimal performance and avoid accidents.

Tires for summer

Higher temperatures need summer tires. These are designed for speed and agility, ensuring a short trip to the beach. They provide improved responsiveness, cornering, and braking thanks to specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds that allow greater road precision. At UTires, we have over 5,000 summer tires for driving in Delaware. Get yours right now!

Tires for spring and fall

For those days when the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, all-season tires are the best option. They are prepared for any situation—especially as the seasons change and the daily temperature varies by a few to several degrees. Regular tires can only be used at certain times of the day in such cases. As a result, all-season tires are safer for nearly six months of the year!

Tires for winter

From November to April, the temperature drops below 45 °F, and it’s time to switch to winter tires, which have a softer compound as well as deeper grooves and narrow cuts built into the tread. These characteristics aid in the dispersion of water/snow and allow the rubber to move around, improving contact with the road. To ensure high quality, our winter tires are subjected to a two-stage inspection: visual, in which our team checks them manually; and automatic, in which we use water and air-pressure tests to identify any flaws. After that, FedEx is in charge of shipping your tires for free!
Studded tires are also a great option for bad weather conditions because they grip better on snow and ice, even on unpaved surfaces. They are permitted for safety reasons with at least 2/32' tread left under Delaware Code Title 21. At United Tires, all our studded tires have at least 4/32’ tread left. Better safe than sorry!

Driving Laws

The Delaware Code Title 21 details the traffic rules for driving in DE. After reading it, we’ve selected the most important legal norms for you:
  1. The vehicle intending to turn to the left shall give the right-of-way to any car approaching from the opposite direction that is close enough to cause an accident.
  2. It is prohibited to drive on a sidewalk or bicycle lane except on a permanent authorized temporary driveway.
  3. Drivers must warn pedestrians by sounding the horn to avoid colliding with them.
  4. Drivers must have insurance for all vehicles on the road.
  5. Driving in excess of a reasonable and prudent speed is illegal in Delaware.
  6. Drivers cannot drive any vehicle with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others.
  7. It is illegal to use a cell phone or any other handheld electronic device while driving unless using a hands-free device.
  8. No one may drive a car while under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.

Unspoken Road Rules

There are some driving rules that everyone is aware of but are not written into law:
  1. Practice lane courtesy. You must yield to or move over for faster moving traffic.
  2. Thank you by waving. Give other drivers a thank-you wave as a gesture of appreciation when they allow you to pass at an intersection or change lanes.
  3. Avoid long lines at the gas pump. If you plan to go inside the gas station's shop, pull into a parking space rather than make other drivers wait.
  4. Recognize blind spots. You cannot avoid the blind spot of another vehicle when attempting to overtake.
  5. Don’t tailgate. Leave at least one car length between yourself and the driver in front of you. That extra space will give you time to react if they come to a complete stop or need to turn aside.

Parking rules

Like other legal provisions, parking rules are specified in the Delaware Code Title 21. The most important are:
  • Drivers are not allowed to park in an intersection, on a crosswalk, or within 20 feet of either of these areas
  • Park at least 30 feet away from a flashing beacon, traffic signal, or stop sign
  • Double-parking is not illegal in Delaware

Window tint laws

Do you know how dark or reflective the tint can be in Delaware? Let’s take a peek:

Tint darkness for passenger vehicles

  • Front windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line
  • Front seat side windows: A minimum of 70% VLT with factory-installed tinted windows; no aftermarket tint permitted
  • Back windows: Any darkness can be used
  • Rear window: No limit, but if it is tinted, you must have dual side mirrors

Window tint darkness for multipurpose vehicles

  • Front windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line or 5′′ if no AS-1 line is indicated
  • Front seat side windows: Up to 70% tint darkness allowed
  • Back seat side windows: Any tint darkness can be used
  • Rear window: Any tint darkness can be used

Tint reflection for Sedans

  • Front side windows: No metallic or mirrored appearance
  • Back side windows: No metallic or mirrored appearance

Tint reflection for SUV and Vans

  • Front side windows: No metallic or mirrored appearance
  • Back side windows: No metallic or mirrored appearance
Other DE window tint regulations to be aware of:

Restricted tinting colors

There are no restrictions on the window tint’s color.

Tint certification

Film manufacturers are not required to certify the film they sell in Delaware.

Helmet laws

Any motorcycle driver or passenger, regardless of age, is required by Delaware law to wear a helmet. All riders under the age of 19 must wear a DOT-approved helmet.

Roads and highways

The most important DE roads and interstate highways are Delaware State Route 1, Delaware State Route 1A, Interstate 95, Interstate 295, U.S. Route 9, U.S. Route 13, and the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway. These highways traverse the state and connect it to the rest of the United States. They are essential for both business and travel

SR 1

This route is 103.02 miles long and connects the popular DE beaches of Sussex County to the Wilmington metropolitan area and points north into Pennsylvania via I-95. This is a multilane-divided highway with at-grade intersections and occasional interchanges.


This route consists of a short loop east from SR 1 through Sussex County's Rehoboth Beach. From SR 1, the east-west leg of Rehoboth Avenue serves as the primary access route to the Rehoboth Beach oceanfront and the nearby community of Henlopen Acres.


This is a major interstate route that runs from Florida to Maine on the East Coast. The section in DE is the shortest of any state's section of I-95. It enters the state in Newark from Maryland. The first section is the Delaware Turnpike, a toll highway with a single toll just past the border.


The Interstate 295 in the DE Valley forms a commuter route serving Wilmington, Delaware City, South Jersey, Trenton, and Bucks County. The freeway, which was designed as a bypass route for Philadelphia, primarily serves local traffic, with through traffic taking either the parallel New Jersey Turnpike or I-95 through southeastern Pennsylvania.

U.S. Route 9

Despite the fact that U.S. Route 9 is signed north-south for the majority of its route, the section in DE is signed east-west and runs through the heart of Sussex County. The highway runs east from U.S. Route 13 in Laurel to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal in Lewes, where the ferry takes the route across the Delaware Bay to North Cape May, NJ.

U.S. Route 13

It is the main north-south highway in DE. It runs from the Maryland border in Delmar, Sussex County, to the Pennsylvania border in Claymont, New Castle County. US Route 13 connects many important Delaware cities and towns, including Wilmington, Dover, and Seaford.

Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway

It is a 51-mile-long with limited access that stretches 51 miles north from Dover Air Force Base to Churchmans Crossing, mostly paralleling U.S. Route 13. The northern 1/4 of the highway is toll-free, while the southern 3/4 is tolled. This highway includes the iconic cable-stayed bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal near St. Georges.

Scenic routes

Delaware is also known as “The Small Wonder”, a state where you can enjoy a scenic and long drive along the six beautiful byways listed below:

Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway

This scenic byway is a perfect choice to appreciate both the architectural beauty of Wilmington and the amazing landscape of the countryside. It travels along the Kennett Pike (Route 52) and Montchanin Road (Route 100). It’s a little more than 12 miles long, and driving it will take you about an hour if you take your time.

Red Clay Scenic Byway

This scenic route is in northern New Castle County between routes 52 and 48. There you can enjoy the scenery of countryside and wooded hills. This route is historical, it dates back to the earliest European settlements. It is approximately 27 miles long and takes around one hour to drive.

Delaware Bayshore Byway

This is a two-lane road that runs along the Delaware River and Bay Estuary. It provides visitors with an up-close look at the East Coast's largest preserved coastal marshland. It is about 100 miles long, and it’s a great place to see wildlife as well as spring and fall bird migration.

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway

This byway extends across Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This is a self-driving tour to the places where Harriet Tubman lived, worked, worshiped, and led others out of slavery. It is approximately 125 miles long and includes 45 significant sites related to the Underground Railroad.

Historic Lewes Byway

This byway drifts through Lewes, one of Delaware's oldest towns, and features over 300-year-old historic sites that can be visited along the way as well as beautiful beaches, such as Cape Henlopen State Park. This route provide views of the ocean and canals, historical sites, quaint shops, delightful restaurants, and more.

Nanticoke Heritage Byway

This 40-mile byway travels through an area rich in transportation history. This route provides a variety of views and landscapes, such as farmlands, wooded areas, and small towns. It takes around 45 minutes to drive.
Before driving to these byways, ensure that you have the best tires for long trips. Go to our online store and choose from over 60,000 new and used tires. Free FedEx same day shipping on all online orders!

Fun facts

To round out this section, we collected some interesting and entertaining facts about driving in DE:
  1. The Wilmington Amtrak station was renamed the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station after Joe Biden, President of the United States from 2021 to 2025, who represented Delaware in the United States Senate for 36 years.
  2. The state's highest point is Ebright Road in north Wilmington, which is 442 feet above sea level.
  3. Some scenes from Tony Scott's 1990 film Days of Thunder were shot at the Dover International Speedway.
  4. It’s illegal to change your clothes in your car or in a public restroom in Rehoboth Beach.
  5. In 1965, Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, a bulletproof material used in body armor and bulletproof vehicles, to replace steel in racing tires.


Shop by tire type


Best tires for Delaware

Best tires for Delaware
Best tires for Delaware
Let us make a summary of how to select the best tires:
First, think about the weather in DE. That allows you to use all-season tires almost all year. When the temperatures drop in November, it's time to switch to winter tires for maximum performance. Look into our inventory to find the appropriate tires for your vehicle type: SUV, truck, light truck, trailer, tractor, and so on.
Second, consider your daily driving routine. Are you a conservative or a risky driver? We have tires for every type of driving, including performance, high performance, and ultra-high performance.
Finally, buy online instead of rushing to the mall. In that way, you avoid rainy days, traffic jams, and other obstacles to shop quickly. At, you’ll find the lowest prices for used tires on the Internet. Buy now and get free FedEx delivery!


Buy tires in Delaware and save up to 50%!

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Other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Other tire websites
Based on pricing for set of 4 new 245/55/18 on other tire websites
Set of 4 used tires
Tread Depth
Average Price
Based on pricing for set of 4 used 245/55/18 on
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Where can I buy cheap tires in Delaware?

Delawareans can buy tires at mega-malls such as Walmart and Costco, as well as from major manufacturers like Chevrolet. Otherwise, they can shop online at United Tires and find over 60,000 new, used, and driven-once tires for all types of cars and drivers. Go to and get free FedEx home delivery!

Where can I get Nokian tires in Delaware?

We recommend that you buy Nokian tires online. Go to UTires and filter through 700+ tires by size, price, model, and other criteria. If you haven't used them after a year, request our hassle-free 1-year return policy and ship them back. We’ll fully refund or replace the tires.

Who sells Cooper tractor trailer drive tires in Delaware?

You can go to a Service Truck Center or buy them from the comfort of your home at UTires. Choose from over 1,000 Cooper tractor tires and save up to 50%!


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